Erin Dickey

Digital Project #2: Google Maps


For my digital project using Google Maps, I’ve chosen to chart [a very small sample size representing] the spread of Italian Futurism inside and outside of Italy by mapping first the initial publication/writing dates and locations of some of the more notable manifestos associated with Italian futurism, and then, in my second layer,¬†mapping the re-publication dates and locations of those same manifestos (or their variations, or, in one instance, a closely associated work of art). In addition to¬†distinguishing between the layers using the varying shape and color of the pins, I’ve also drawn lines between the connected publications in order to make their identities and movements across Europe more explicit. In some cases, I’ve had to shift the pins a bit to make the map more legible (for instance, in Milan, the early locus of Futurist activity).

I’ve included links to some sources in the pins, but all of the manifestos I’ve cited, along with publication details, can be found in:

Futurist Manifestos. Edited by Umbro Apollonio. Translated by Robert Brain, R.W. Flint, J.C. Higgitt, and Carolin Tisdale. Boston: MFA Publication, a Division of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1970).