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New Artists’ Studio Archives Post, or, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

“‘It’s something I wouldn’t give you, or I would double check,’ artist Paul Ramirez Jonas said to Archives of American Art (AAA) Curator Josh T. Franco, referring to an item found in a box of studio materials recently donated to the Archives. Beat. ‘Um, it’s already here, Paul,” Franco replied, as the crowd in AAA’s […]

DAH Project: 3D Models

During our 3D model photo session at the Ackland, I had a little bit of trouble with Autodesk 123D Catch–I ended up with a model of the walls, but not the central figure! Instead of uploading that failed model via Sketchfab, this is one I did several months ago, of a sculpture on display at the […]

Digital Project #2: Google Maps

Ink and graphite on paper, Seattle Art Museum

For my digital project using Google Maps, I’ve chosen to chart [a very small sample size representing] the spread of Italian Futurism inside and outside of Italy by mapping first the initial publication/writing dates and locations of some of the more notable manifestos associated with Italian futurism, and then, in my second layer, mapping the re-publication […]

About this website

This website was created as part of JJ Bauer’s ARTH851: Digital Art History class at the University of North Carolina. At the conclusion of the course (May, 2016), I intend to maintain it as a professional website. Most posts will consist of assignments for the class–their titles will be prefaced with “DAH”.