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Developing a Repertoire of Roles: Students’ Interventions in Artists’ Archives

From the Thomas Wolfe Series by Connie Bostic

This post on the Learning From Artists’ Archives website is adapted from a talk I gave at this year’s College Art Association conference, as part of the “Supporting Creative Legacies in Local Communities: Lessons Learned from the Artists Studio Archives Project” panel session with project Co-PI’s JJ Bauer and Carol Magee and Advisory Board Member […]

DAH Post #2: The “real” and the “ideal” in planning digitization

In response to Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig’s Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web as well as the Getty’s Introduction to Imaging, in class on Wednesday Elizabeth asked what I thought was a pretty pertinent question about typical workflows for digitization projects. The question, as well as JJ’s answer made […]