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DAH Post #10: Network Visualization and the Reduction of Data

Scott B. Weingart’s blog post on the basics of network visualization, “Demystifying Networks”, is a concise overview of the pitfalls digital humanists (and data scientists) can fall into when deciding to use networks to visualize their data. In addition to giving some background information on organization theory and the makeup of networks, Weingart places special emphasis on bias […]

Testing TimelineJS

Ink and graphite on paper, Seattle Art Museum

In class this week, we looked at two New York Times Interactives: Riding the New Silk Road and Forging an Art Market in China, as well as the Metropolitan Museum’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History and the BCG course site Media and Materiality. All represent examples of ways to map both space and time. “Riding the New Silk Road” presents […]

DAH Post #8: Using Google Fusion Tables and ImageQuilt

Using data I described in last week’s blog post, I created a Google Fusion network visualization showing the connections between various subfields of machine intelligence research. I think looking at this visualization probably does far more for me (with the background research I’ve done on specific projects, scholars, and important dates connected with these research […]