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DAH Post #6: Space is the Place?

In “The Spatial Turn in Art History”, Jo Guldi, in the History Department at Brown University, implicitly contextualizes the relatively recent spate of digital mapping projects in Art History by tracing how art, art history and related disciplines have traditionally parsed, represented, and used spatial relationships in creation and scholarship. Through her exploration of the […]

Exploring Thinglink with Archival Materials

I’ve had some fun exploring Thinglink.com this week. To explore the capabilities of this tool, I decided to use some recently scanned materials from North Carolina artist Connie Bostic’s collection of clippings from earlier in her art career. The image below, and the materials included in my annotations, are all related to the hue and […]

DAH Post #4: A Potpourri – Omeka and Scalar, Fair Use and Transformation

Ink and graphite on paper, Seattle Art Museum

Last week, we read Copyright, Permissions, and Fair Use among Visual Artists and the Academic and Museum Visual Arts Communities: An Issues Report from the College Art Association and the CAA’s 2015 Code of Best Practices in Fair Use in the Visual Arts. We also explored Omeka and Scalar, two web publishing platforms designed for presenting and sharing […]

DAH Post #3: Humanities after Deconstruction

With his “Real Faces of White Australia” project, Tim Sherratt proffers an alternative method for accessing the National Archives of Australia’s records on people classified as “non-white”, living in Australia in the 20th century. At the same time, the interface he built, by foregrounding for the user the faces within the photographs of a series of […]

DAH Post #2: The “real” and the “ideal” in planning digitization

In response to Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig’s Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web as well as the Getty’s Introduction to Imaging, in class on Wednesday Elizabeth asked what I thought was a pretty pertinent question about typical workflows for digitization projects. The question, as well as JJ’s answer made […]

DAH Post #1 – Ella Doulkaridou’s “Reframing Art History”

Couched within the series of articles in The International Journal of Digital Art History that attempt to position Digital Art History, not just disciplinarily but also ontologically, Elli Doulkaridou’s “Reframing Art History” calls attention to what is not new about Digital Art History—namely, that the objects of art history have always been conditioned and mediated […]

About this website

This website was created as part of JJ Bauer’s ARTH851: Digital Art History class at the University of North Carolina. At the conclusion of the course (May, 2016), I intend to maintain it as a professional website. Most posts will consist of assignments for the class–their titles will be prefaced with “DAH”.